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Taxes and Limited Government

Our government has grown too large and spends too much money. Reducing taxes and reducing the size of government go hand in hand. We need to get serious about returning government to its proper role and reduce taxes on all Iowans. I will fight to help hard-working Iowans keep more of the dollars they earn. I will also work diligently to use common sense approaches to reduce the size of government.

Pro Business

Having been raised in a family that owns a small business, I have seen firsthand how government intrusion stifles growth in the private sector. In the Iowa Senate, I will work to 1) protect Iowa’s “right to work” status, 2) eliminate overly burdensome regulations on Iowa businesses, and 3) reduce corporate taxes to ensure that companies know Iowa is pro-business.

Family Values

There continues to be an assault on the traditional family.I believe that as a Nation, we will only be as strong as the most basic unit of society – the family. I will fight to allow Iowans the right to vote and have their voices heard on these important issue. I will also actively work to protect the unborn and advance pro-life legislation.

Voter Identification

It is imperative that our electoral process has the highest degree of integrity.  I support legislation that requires voters to show identification prior to voting. I believe this simple measure is a step in the right direction to ensure our elections are kept honest.

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment of the U. S. Constitution reads: “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” I will fight to protect your constitutional right to keep and bear arms.


I am committed to providing our children with a world class education. By providing opportunity and flexibility, from home school to public school, and from private to charter schools, creating an environment in which each student can excel is one of my top priorities.

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